We like to create beautiful things

And we believe in using visuals to tell a story. From simple images and graphics to dynamic websites and marketing assets, we like to help other businesses tell their story and grow their brands.

Deep down, we’re just entrepreneurs

We began our journey pursuing different business opportunities that ultimately led us to where we are today. We’ve learned from our experiences and now invest our energy in helping fellow entrepreneurs bring their own visions to life. We are only two co-founders, but we leverage our diverse network of design, business, and tech professionals to achieve our goals.

Edwina De Abreu

Marketing & graphic design

John DiRienzo

Strategy & web development

We work in both Boston and Maputo

Since we’re both from different places, it was hard to decide where to start our business. So we decided not to decide. Instead, we work with entrepreneurs and business owners in Boston, Maputo, and all over the world.

We travel for work, but we’re always accessible

Communication is important to us. Sometimes we’re in the same country as our clients; sometimes we’re not. If you are in the U.S., you can freely call our U.S. number anytime – no matter where in the world we may be. Otherwise, we can always be reached via Skype, WhatsApp or email.

United States






Let’s talk about your brand

Like we said before, we support our fellow entrepreneurs. We’d be happy to help you.