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Whether you need a new website or you already have one, we build and manage premium WordPress websites for businesses that want to grow

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We have experience with all kinds of web projects, from simple websites and blogs to more sophisticated e-commerce, ad campaigns, and more. We can manage every step of the process if you need us to. Our website packages are tailored to your specific goals.

Web Design Services

We design (and redesign) new and existing pages and websites from scratch. Our designs are clean and elegant with a simple goal: maximize user experience and conversions.

Web Development Services

We can code any design or idea into an actual page or website that is user-friendly on all devices. We optimize our code and configurations based on your long term needs.

Hosting & Maintenance

We give you peace of mind by providing hosting, configuring your server and domain, and keeping your website safe through routine backups, security scans, and updates.

Maximize your website’s potential through better design, development, and strategy

Whether you already have a website or you’re launching a new one, we offer ongoing web design and development services to help you get the most out of your website in the long term. Our team has proven experience helping businesses with various needs including:

Small Business Websites

Optimize your website’s design to elevate your brand’s image, improve user experience, and increase leads. We can audit your website and make it better.

SEO & Google Marketing

Improve your website’s SEO and Google rankings through better design, better code, and/or new content. We can work independently or with your SEO team.

Analytics & Tracking

Add advanced analytics to your website to better understand your web traffic and increase conversions. We can configure everything and show you how to use it.


Build and optimize your online shop and customer experience to increase sales. We can help you build the perfect store on both the front and back end.

Ads & Landing Pages

Improve marketing campaigns with better ad implementation and landing page design. Like analytics, we can configure everything and show you how to use it.

Blogs & Galleries

Deliver your content and showcase your work in a way that stands out to your audience and/or customers. We can audit your website and make it better.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re looking for professional web design and development services but you’re not sure how to proceed, talk to us. We’re happy to push you in the right direction.

Work with someone with proven skills and a history of happy clients

Testimonials for our web design services - Foundation Digital Media client

John Foundas

Foundation Digital Media

I found Dedi Media though a vendor referral. My website was in need of an update and they were the perfect solution for my web design needs. John carefully listened to my needs and executed the work efficiently and cost effectively. The expertise in WordPress web development was apparent from the outset of our engagement. I plan to retain their services as my business continues to grow.

Testimonials for our web design services - DCK Africa client

Denise Cortês-Keyser

DCK Africa

When I started my business, I needed a website. I hired Dedi Media for both their web design services and general business knowledge. I can’t say enough about their work and their guidance throughout the entire process. They went above and beyond to understand my goals with a great attention to detail, and the website looks amazing! I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs a new website and isn’t sure where to start.

Testimonials for our web design services - Chase Solutions client

Dave Chase

Chase Solutions, Inc.

I hired Dedi Media to completely redesign all three of my business’s websites and logos. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. After the new websites were up and running, I retained them and an SEO consultant for ongoing additions to my websites. I’ve more than tripled my web traffic since. Dedi Media is both professional and highly responsive, and I only wish I had hired them sooner.

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